Why We Start
The Podcast

Podcast is one of the best ways to share our values in a deeper & a more complete form. It’s more like a blog or a book with the theater of minds but feels more personal with a voice in it. It’s accompanying people alongside their main activities. It’s a lot of things, it changes my life. Hoping to change a lot more lives out there.

For me it is an extension of who I am and what I believed in. #BelajarBerkaryaBerbagi has been my mantra for years. Gua sering diundang menjadi pembicara di daerah di luar Jakarta, di situ gua ngeliat ketimpangan antara kota kecil & kota besar. Gua ngeliat Indonesia darurat soal pemerataan ilmu & mindset. Podcast is a medium that allows me to make that happen & leave a legacy at the same time.

What We
Believe In

Deeper impact before
wider reach.

We won't fool you, you are too smart to figure it out yourself anyway. The podcast might have brands collaboration from time to time. It's what keep us going, cause producing, recording, editing, and keeping fresh, quality content takes time, energy and team. Brands keep the food on the table, so we can keep bringing good stuff to you.

But take our word for it, we'll give, give, give, before we ask.

And the only thing we ask from you is supporting us by sharing our podcast to those who might need it.

Give, give, give, ask.

There's a reason why we try our best to reply our listeners' DMs. Cause we believe in making real connection with them, with you. Many of our earliest believers have became friends. We had lunch, dinner, and even collaborate many different projects.

Ultimately what fuels us is seeing impact. Making positivity louder if we may borrow from GaryVee.

We might not have a million audience, but we are positive to have changed at least 1000 lives for the better that will impact another thousand.