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We’ve had listeners who survived from financial problems and become financially independent. We’ve had travelers who fly business class for free, making the most of their frequent flier miles. We’ve had young moms who know investment & blockchain just as savvy as their husbands. We’ve had five scholarship awardee who reinvented their career. These impactful stories are why we do what we do.That’s why we enjoy learning from underdogs, from GaryVee to Aldi Haryopratomo, Masterchef Willgoz to Chef Hans Christian, Najwa Shihab to Andini Effendi, Kevin Anggara to Henry Manampiring and many more.
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Fellexandro Ruby is half entrepreneur / half creator. Started his first venture at 26, building a digital agency for F&B clientele. Exited after 8 years in the industry. At the same time, with five partners built an HR consulting company, Impact Factory, helping government institution & corporations to upskill & reskill their talents. In the past five years, Ruby find his ikigai writing best-selling book, You Do You, and sharing on podcast & social media about career & personal finance.

Fellexandro Ruby
Ario Pratomo

Ario Pratomo is a Content Creator / Entrepreneur. Ario has been an enthusiast in tech and started his blog from 2003. Around 2006, dived into a logistics business as GSA Cargo for airlines until now. Investments in creative industry, F&B & Logistics is how he hustle day to day. Tech Reviewer (@sheggario), Podcaster (Thirty Days of Lunch & Curhatbabu) and Investors (Parentalk, Venema Pictures to name a few) is looking forward to share and learn more & more. Thirty Days of Lunch is one of the ways.

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